Serving Southwest Washington and the South Puget Sound with over 25 years legal experience.

Practice Areas

Deschutes Law Group is here to help you with the following concerns:

Real Property, Boundary Disputes or Trespass

We assist clients with easements, adverse possession, damages for trespass, or other real property ownership matters.

Construction (Public Works or Private)

We represent individuals, suppliers, and contractors in construction related matters, including contract review, liens, claims, and bid protests for public contractors, on public and private projects.

Land Use

We assist individuals and businesses with permit applications and appeals, zoning, and other land use issues.

Landlord/Tenant Matters

We represent landlords or tenants regarding lease disputes and evictions, in commercial or residential situations.  See Real Property and Eviction for details about our eviction services and pricing.

Commercial and Business Law

We offer ongoing legal services to small businesses at affordable rates.  See Affordable General Counsel Services for Small Businesses for details about our plans and pricing.  We assist businesses with start-up issues and paperwork, contract negotiation, review and compliance, and legal advice regarding business operation matters.

Timber Trespass, Waste, or Nuisance

We help property owners to recover damages when third parties cut down timber without the property owners' permission, or when someone acts in a way that harms your property or property value or prevents you from using and enjoying your property.

Education Law

We assist parents with IEP, 504 plan, or other educational need accommodation or compliance. We also represent students in disciplinary matters providing them with real due process.  Finally we handle claims by parents and children against school districts relating to injury, bulling, or other harm to students while at school or participating in school activities.

Debtor/Creditor Matters

We handle collection matters for creditors.  We also assist debtors with bankruptcy, credit report, collection, and foreclosure issues.  Read More.

Business Management/Operation Consulting

We have significant knowledge and experience running small businesses and are able to consult with other small business owners to help them improve their business operations/management.